Begin Healing with Help from a Licensed Psychotherapist

Everyone deserves a chance to live life to the fullest. However, some people struggle to find satisfaction in their lives due to current struggles and past trauma. When you need help overcoming your difficulties, Laura Smith PhD, LMFT can help you on your path towards healing.

Laura is a psychotherapist in Burbank, California, with more than 10 years of counseling experience. After working several years at counseling centers that offer low-cost services to the community, Laura eventually opened her private practice in 2011. Over the years, she has assisted numerous people with navigating life’s obstacles, boosting their self-esteem, and feeling more empowered.

Laura's education and training as a therapist have given her the tools she needs to help you heal, which then enables you to access other possibilities besides continuous struggle. With the assistance that Laura provides, you can eventually feel more in control of your life rather than feel at the mercy of your circumstances.

In her work, Laura uses depth psychology to address psychological and emotional difficulties. Depth psychology, which includes Jungian and Freudian psychology, incorporates work with the unconscious as a means to increase self-awareness and understanding. Laura is somewhat unique, in that she utilizes both Jungian and Freudian theories.

Laura also uses a therapy technique known as sandplay, which is a non-verbal way in which people can express their emotions and access their unconscious. Sandplay is a powerful experience that provides another means of expression besides talking. Sandplay is like a waking dream, in that symbolism and emotion are being expressed when consciously engaging with the sand and the figurines.

Working with dreams is another means that Laura helps you to understand what your unconscious may be trying to tell you. Dreams give direct access to the unconscious. Laura has had years of experience working with dream material, and she enjoys being able to assist people as to what is being communicated through their dreams.

The more that you understand yourself, the stronger you will feel and the more you will be able to accomplish your goals. To know what you want and who you are creates greater feelings of empowerment. Knowing yourself more deeply requires time, patience, and persistence. Even having a sense of humor about the roller-coaster ride of self-discovery can help too.

This website provides specific pages with detailed information as to the causes of Anxiety, Depression, and Trauma. On these pages, you will also find how Laura specifically treats such problems. This information is provided so that you may educate yourself as to what you may be dealing with and how Laura addresses the problem.

Under the Services page, you will find additional information as to how Laura works. On the Services page is information about working with your unconscious, exploring dreams, working with sandplay, learning about brain health, healing addictions, and information regarding depth psychotherapy.

As a member of the California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists™, Laura strives to stay up-to-date on the latest counseling breakthroughs and techniques. She is often enrolled in classes that further her knowledge and experience. By working with a qualified psychotherapist like Laura, you can find out who you really are and what you want for yourself.

Treatment Offered

Life can be quite challenging at times, especially if you suffer from anxiety, depression, or trauma from the past. Even without these problems, sometimes stressful situations arise that can overwhelm you. Life tends to supply us with challenging circumstances that feel difficult to overcome.

Stress negatively affects a person's body, feelings, thoughts, behaviors, and outlook on life. Therapy from a professional counselor like Dr. Smith provides helpful direction for individuals wanting relief from stress and other issues.

Some of the professional mental health services that Laura provides includes treatment for:

• Stress

• General Life Concerns

• Low Self-Esteem

• Codependency

•  Relationship Issues

• Anxiety and Anxiety Attacks

• Depression

• Suicidal Thoughts

• Addiction

• Sexual, Physical, or Emotional Trauma

• Sexual, Physical, or Emotional Abuse in Childhood

• Being an Adult Child of a Mentally Ill Parent


Begin healing with help from Dr. Laura Smith, a therapist who has over a decade of experience.

Counseling Tailored for Adult Survivors of Childhood Trauma

Childhood abuse often causes terrible problems for the adult survivor of the abuse. Persistent negative mental states often arise from traumatizing childhood experiences, as well as addictions, codependency, and relationship difficulties. Although Laura provides counseling for people with a wide variety of issues, assisting adults in recovering from childhood trauma is a major part of her work.

Childhood trauma may derive from emotional, physical, or sexual abuse, all of which can leave the abused person in distress for years afterwards. A variety of problems can result in traumatic experience for a child. Inadequate or damaging parenting often occurs when parents struggle with domestic violence, addiction, and mental illness. These situations often create environments that are traumatic to children.

If you believe you may be dealing with the aftermath of childhood abuse, more information is available on Laura's page on Trauma. The detailed information on this page will give you a better idea if you have experienced childhood abuse, and will also give you a sense of the long-lasting repercussions of a traumatic childhood.

Although the past cannot be changed, therapy can significantly reduce the painful impact that childhood trauma has on the adult survivor. Just having some knowledge about the link between your traumatic past and your current difficulties can give you greater confidence. Laura has much experience in treating the multiple negative problems that are caused by childhood trauma. She can assist you with lessening the heavy burden of your painful past.

Mental Health Services Available for All Cultures and Religions

Although Laura only speaks English, she has provided mental health services for individuals from a wide variety of cultures and religions. Laura enjoys working with people of various backgrounds and religions. She has some understanding of the common characteristics of different societies and is always eager to deepen her knowledge. Currently, Laura has experience working with individuals from the following cultures:

In Dr. Laura Smith's psychotherapy practice, she works with a wide variety of people from various cultures and religions.

cultural sensitivity


• Arab

• Armenian

• Asian

• Assyrian

• Latino


• Persian

• Romanian

• Russian

• Turkish

• Ukrainian

Brain Health Coach Certification

Besides earning a doctorate in depth psychology, Dr. Smith has received further education in brain health. Since the brain affects mood and behavior, Laura felt it important to understand more about brain functioning. She therefore became certified as a Brain Health Coach, which is a certification that she obtained from Amen Clinics.

Through this training, Laura has gained knowledge in the functioning of the brain and how behaviors, including addiction, affect brain health. Having this additional training enables her to offer valuable information to her patients regarding the role their brain plays in their emotional, physical, and psychological health.

Laura will help you understand how the health of your brain affects various aspects of your life. She can educate you as to how harmful behaviors negatively affect your brain and how healthy behaviors benefit your brain health.

For a description of the different aspects of brain health and how Laura incorporates her knowledge about brain health into her practice, please see the section Focus on the Health of Your Brain on the Services page.

See a Counselor to Begin Reclaiming Your Life

Counseling provides an opportunity to diminish the harmful effects of the past and decrease present day struggles. Therapy can assist you with focusing on yourself and on making your life more of what you want it to be. In addition to healing old emotional wounds to the greatest extent possible, therapy enables you to know yourself more fully, which will then give you more confidence.

Sometimes people have the idea that the purpose of therapy is to make them happier. Yet therapy does not necessarily lead to happiness. Therapy is more about understanding oneself, accepting what is, and gaining more of an ability to create what you want out of life.

It takes courage to talk to a stranger about your problems, yet the potential reward of feeling better makes the risk well worth it. To allow yourself to be in therapy affirms how much you actually care about yourself, even if you struggle with low self-esteem.

Give Laura a call for a free 10-minute consultation. She is available to discuss your problems, goals, and how counseling may benefit you.

When you are ready to begin healing, contact licensed psychotherapist Laura Smith. Laura is proud to serve clients in and near Burbank, Toluca Lake, Glendale, Studio City, and Universal City, California.